March 25                    Ft   Pierce Jazz Festival                                                  Main Street Pier 1-5 PM

                                                  Ft Pierce , FL .

Apr 14                                 The Art 's Garage  

                                            Del Ray Beach, FL


March 24                   Crawdebauchery Festival

                                       Pompano Beach ,FL

                                   11:30 AM Breakfast Show

April 27                          Boca Resto Cafe

                                           Boca Resto, FL



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The band is indebted to Famous Frank Ward who's talent, conceptualization, and wit made The Otis Cadillac Band possible.

   Old School .......... Real  Cool    


                           Old School......Real Cool

Legendary Octogenarian R&B performer Otis Cadillac still performs with the fire and passion that are his trademark. With the talented, explosive El Dorados and the show-stopping Seville Sisters this is a event you don't want to miss

About The Otis Cadillac Band