Otis and Band, Last night I took in what started out to be only a few songs at the Niagara Falls Blues Festival. 4 measures into the first song I cancelled my plans and stayed for the entire show - and a great show it was. I am a musician and I play blues. I've played in some pretty cool bands so I know what goes into making it happen on stage. My hat's off to all of you for the well rounded show, the great music and the musicianship that made that happen. You guys are top notch A-1. I hope you make it back next year. If not, I'll see if I can catch you down on Florida. Thanks for caring about what you do so passionately.


Sincerely,  Mick ReeceDear 

"Otis Cadillac and the Eldorados featuring the Sublime Seville Sisters drove the crowd wild for two 75 minutes sets. The party was in full swing and it was certainly one of the top days I've ever had at Earl's......."

  • Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro, Keeping the Blues Alive Award Recipient

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Hi, thank you! thank you, thank you. ,I didn't even know it was possible to have such a good time !! I think that was the most fun I've ever had in my adult life!!! I hope to do it again someday. Who knew?


"Best opening act in 5 years of CrawDebauchery"

Don Matthews- Promoter The CrawDeBaucheryFestival


What’s behind your interest to resurrect forgotten sounds?

"Back in the late '50s, when things were starting to pop all over the place, there was a genuine excitement about the music, in terms of people doing things that were never done before as far as tunes and rhythms and approaches to the blues. It was exciting. You went to a show, you didn’t know what you were gonna hear, but you knew you were gonna have a good time. [It's] an excitement I don’t see as much today. Today at a show, you’ll hear this guy’s 20 hit songs just like they are on the record. I can’t blame them — that’s how they’re making money. But back then it was more like, "Hey, are you coming to the party?"

Otis Cadillac        Broward New Times Interview 

"All I have been hearing is what a great time all the (club) members had......(The Band)) broke every club record with almost no promotion. Basically all word of mouth."

Richard Schulman, Entertainment Coordinator, Addison Reserve Country Club

​         And a word from the REAL critics:

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I saw your show at Earl’s on Sunday and all I can say is UNBELIEVABLE !  I have never seen anything like it or enjoyed any show that much. I have been telling people about it all day today. It was amazing. I don’t remember when I last enjoyed any show or music concert that much. That was a heckuva show and I liked the fact that you had a great band and The Seville Sisters were really cool. I liked that you got everyone in the act, it just wasn’t about one person, everybody got to showing off their talent. FABULOUS !  Are you able to tell me if you are going to be at Earl’s anytime in the near future ? Are you able to send me a schedule of dates and where you will be playing in the coming months. I am definitely coming to see you guys again. Thanks for making it a great Sunday afternoon for me and I’m sure for many others.



Wade Crawley
My " Getting out from the hospital Party " yesterday at Earl's was GREAT
Hello I just had to drop a line to tell you and your fabulous group what a wonderful experience it was to see you again yesterday at Earl's . I recently suffered my 5th stroke ( yes, that's 5th stroke along with 5 heart attacks and a couple of bypass surgeries ! ) and figured the best way to celebrate getting out of the hospital was to come and see you folks perform. It's the 3rd time I've been luckly enough to catch you since I've moved here to Vero Beah from MA about a year ago . The song " You Gotta Ride Ride Ride..you gotta Roll Roll Roll " I want to "adopt" as my "theme song " because I amaze all my doctors at my young 67 years old with what life has thrown at me and what I've been able to survive ! I do keep "rolling " along ! I need to ask if that is a song you wrote or if not who is the artiist ..I can't seem to fine any trace of it on-line. Well Mr. Cadillac all I can say is "Keep on Keep'in on" and love'in every minute of it ! Hope to catch you again real soon along with your fantastic band and the incredible Seville Sisters !! Thanks so much for making my "special day " Best Regards and God Bless to all Wade Crawley Vero Beach FL

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