“………the Otis Cadillac Band sprang into life……………..the driving force came from the three-piece Seville Sisters……….Ward was knocked out as this impromptu band roared through classics like Don Gardner’s and Dee Dee Ford’s ‘I Need Your Lovin’”……..Quite eclectic and it came off well without a hitch.”    
​   Bob Putignano, Blues Beat magazine


The Otis Cadillac R&B Review, in its brief existence, has garnered impressive and somewhat unprecedented attention. Invited to play at the Memorial Day Weekend Music Festival at the prestigious Earl’s Hideaway, they have been back every year. After only 3 performances they were invited to play the Downtown Hollywood Arts Park Amphitheater and to great acclaim have played The South Florida Blues Society’s most prestigious event “The Blues Cruise Pre-Party” an honor usually reserved for national acts.
Already holding several local venue attendance records, the band has quickly established a loyal and diverse following of blues lovers, dancers, 50s music fans and new, old time fun seekers.

Here is what some critics have said:  
"Otis Cadillac & the El Dorados, featuring the Seville Sisters were so amazing last year, we asked them to open our series this year "

Delray Beach Center for the Arts